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What’s In-Store for Your Product? How to look after your product once it hits the shelves.

You have a fantastic product and you’ve done all the hard work of getting it out into stores.


Is anyone monitoring your product for you once it goes live?

Managing its presentation?

Would it really make a difference?

Something as simple as a well-managed, tidy, correctly stocked product display and signage unit make your product stand out above the other brands fighting for the attention of your customer.

This might seem like a bold statement.

Whilst online shopping is still growing, shoppers still come into store so that they can touch the product before making the final decision to buy. Physical store shopping still remains an important part of consumer behaviour.

Product displays are the first point of visual contact for your product.

They entice your customer to purchase.

They highlight your brand.

They drive your sales.

A set of in-store eyes and ears to manage the display can be the difference between your product flying off the shelves or stagnating upon them.

The tip of the iceberg

The management, stock replenishment, and presentation of POS displays is only the beginning.

When it comes to the in-store management options available, there is so much more beneath the surface.

What you don’t hear so much about is the support packages available to store staff stocking your product up and down the country.

Training in-store staff to understand the benefits of your product doesn't just make them better informed. They become improved salespeople, more likely to highlight what makes your product stand out when speaking to your potential customers.

Staff provided for trade stands don’t just demonstrate your product with expertise. They showcase what it can do first-hand and engage with your audience.

Well-informed sales staff provided for trade exhibition days don’t just make up the numbers.

They are ambassadors for your brand.

The ‘boring’ side of marketing

Not every aspect of marketing gets to be a glossy rebrand or slick ad campaign.

Database and stock audits.

Are they exciting?

Not to most, but a poorly managed database can result in your product filling the shelves where it isn’t selling, and out of stock where it is most popular.

Auto replenishment depends on database accuracy and a computerised system able to correctly distribute stock.

You’ve done all the hard work of getting your product into stores.

Why not see the difference a comprehensive in-store presence could make?

Put your product front and centre. Contact Daley Hub today for your FREE 1/2 hour Discovery Session

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