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Clive Daley

Principal Consultant, Strategy and Supply Chain 

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Kerry Daley 

Organisational Efficiency,

Marketing & Communication

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Clive's experience spans over 30 years in retail and the retail supply chain, covering a wide variety of territories including China, japan, Korea, America and across Europe. His knowledge, innate commerciality and creativity allow him to turn his hand to improving and innovating in businesses of any shape or size. 


His unique perspective allows him to really challenge current thinking and introduce high impact new ideas to any business. Bringing him in to work as part of your teams allows him to spot opportunities and find truly different ways to achieve more.  Whether this is empowering your team, to redefining how your business is structured, and how, where and why it does business.

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I uncover the story behind your brand and provide you with a true partner to tell it properly.

Fifteen years in criminal law taught me how to listen with empathy. Life changing decisions were made before me every day. I held my clients’ hands and guided them through the process. It took every ounce of human understanding to decide what was right. I met people from all walks of life and saw them in their most raw emotional states. 

I understand people. Helping them has always been at the core of my work. 

As an organisational, marketing, and communications expert, these experiences allow me to hear the deeper needs affecting your business and build a solution catered to you alone. I pick up on things that other people don’t. Difficult conversations to improve your business sometimes need to be had. You can count on me to face them with tact, insight and understanding. 

My business passions are great communication and the customer journey. I take a hands-on approach to projects and organisational tasks. Generic solutions to surface-level issues never work in the long run. I add value by triggering detailed plans of my own and integrating changes that stick.  

My desire to help others extends to every part of my life. I’m intensely driven to serve my community and play an active role with community associations. 

I’d love to help you and your business too. 

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Together our combined skills support you and give you the tools to optimise your business, employee and personal relationships, and be successful.