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Rupert Nichols - Digital strategy and transformation expert joins Daley Hub

We are so excited to have Rupert joining us in an interim role. Rupert is well known in the digital retail space having held roles in Dixon Retail, Carphone, Sainsbury’s and Studio Retail.

He brings with him over 25 year’s worth of experience in ecommerce and the retail sector. This has allowed him to hone his skills in securing new investment opportunities, delivering high profile projects, and strengthening partnerships with a focus on establishing successful customer journeys through every channel.

He has an excellent track record of implementing and building transformational initiatives at both strategic and transactional levels. His last role saw him lead a team of 230 (including 50 in the Far East) in a business delivering revenue of £580m. Rupert is always looking at ways to improve and simplify processes to maximise results.

Together our combined skills support you and give you the tools to optimise your business, customer and employee relationships and ultimately be more successful.

Clive and I feel Rupert is a perfect fit to join our Team. After meeting with him just once we knew we were like minded souls. Our ethics and ways of working are so very aligned. We laughed, we cried and we ate food, it was as if we already knew one another!

We are so looking forward to working together sharing value with all our clients by helping them bring about real change. One business as a time!

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