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Celebrating a Decade of Success: Our 10 Year Business Anniversary

We're thrilled to announce that Daley Hub is marking a significant milestone. 2023 is our 10-year business anniversary! Woohoo!

As we reflect on the incredible journey of the past decade, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped, advised, worked with us, partnered with us. You have been integral to our success.

Join us as we take a walk down memory lane, celebrate our achievements, and look ahead to the future that awaits.

A look back at the humble beginnings of Daley Hub. We were once called CFD Strategic Solutions and OMG was that not only a mouthful but our email address was ridiculously long!! Actually, we changed our name not long before covid. We were looking at opening a co-working space in our local town and Daley Hub just had a nice ring to it. Thankfully we did not open the doors on that project but we learned a whole lot in the process. Covid of course then hit and the world changed and adapted….we hear even “wework” is now having some challenges on the co-working front. Anyway Clive’s parents had once owned a children’s clothes shop back in Cumbria in the 70’s called “Daley’s” and it just kind of worked.

So what have we got up to over the last 10 years. So many projects and so little time! Just to mention a few :-

We were engaged by a home improvement business in the Netherlands to develop and coach the senior and leadership teams on new ways of working. As the project progressed, we helped the business focus and improve performance.

On the back of this project we are in the process of setting up our “Daley Habits” 90 day actions for motivated leaders a series of boot camps to drive best practice, consistency and help you deal with under performance and issues within the work place.

We worked with Mano Mano in Paris, France for over 16 months managing the UK platform and recruiting and developing the UK team. We developed the pitch and ensured ManoMano’s success in those early days of the platform…being part of this phenomenal growth and success was a real treat.

A Chinese manufacturing company approached us for support on systems and process optimisation. We project managed the introduction of a new business intelligence system for this global organisation.

A big highlight for us was speaking at the Global DIY Summit in Barcelona in 2018. The summit is our go to networking event of the year. Senior Leaders from main retailers, manufacturers, suppliers all in the same room learning from some brilliant keynote speakers. We learn so much from these events, it is a great to catch up with new and old friends and colleagues. We look forward to the next summit which is in Rome in June 2024. To find out more visit

2020 saw Covid change the world for everyone. It was quite easy just the two of us to make sure we were safe and of course we were working from home anyway. There was no furlough for us! The group of businesses that we were working with had over 300 employees between them, they were essential service providers we were part of the Senior Team who helped implement and track covid restrictions, organised PPE, implemented a communication strategy across all employees and ensured a safe working practices during a difficult time.

On a community basis, we set up a COVID19 facebook page to gather local volunteers securing over 300 individuals to help in their communities, partnered with Unity and Test Valley Borough Council to provide a Helpline supporting the vulnerable and isolated.

We gave free advice via zoom calls to local businesses to help develop their offerings and give ideas to provide delivery options and set up a dedicated page on our website to showcase what they all offer all in one place.

Covid was a busy year for the Daley Hub.

Over the last few years we have been able to step it up. We have two amazing associates Daryl Bennett expert copywriter and brand strategist and Karl Thomas Head of Consumer Products. What he does not know about creating and launching products is not worth knowing. We are so very grateful to have you two on our team.

This year saw Rupert Nichols join our team for a while before heading off to Toolstation as Commercial Director and Chris Burrows before he started as Sales Director with Deeplas which is part of the Eurocell PLC. We wish them every success in their present roles although we would love them to come back to work for us one day 😉

It has been really exciting this year developing and shaping our Critical ToolKit providing services as well as our consultancy. We have teamed up with some great partners to offer in-store product management from install, stock audit and management “we are the eyes and ears of your product instore”

We help maximise your online marketplace presence, optimise your content and provide third party logistics. We can even be your merchant of record.

Don’t know what to do with your returns?. Don’t want to compromise your standards and want to protect your brand. Then let us reduce your excess stock and improve the efficiency of your entire system.

With all this work work work where do you find the time to do anything else! We are always looking at ways in which we can help our local community. From helping organise village fetes and concerts in the Abbey, providing marketing, website & social media support and design for free, and putting together the odd hamper for raffle prizes we keep ourselves pretty busy.

We are also trustees for a local Charity, Unity, who are a strong voice for the voluntary sector supplying services such as transport, volunteering and supporting other charity groups secure valuable grant funding in order to operate. We support their CEO and advise on sustainability and strategic objectives.

Looking ahead what are our plans for the future?

We would love to see our Daley Habits modules finding their way into every ones workplace. We also see this eventually as a book on every ones desk. Watch this space!

Our experience in retail, supply and consultancy gives a unique view of the retail Supply Chain and we will be sharing our views and opportunities to improve. We are just launching a webinar “Building a resilient supply chain” which will be aired in December first with the Global DIY Summit team. Thank you Inaki for asking us to get involved and then on the 21st February with the Bheta Team.

We continue to work with some incredible businesses including Tineco where we are supporting this Chinese and global brand develop their strategy and launch plans that we will actively manage through 2024. We cannot wait to see their products in the UK from end of Q1 2024.

As we celebrate our 10-year Daley Hub journey, we're filled with gratitude and excitement for what the future holds. Thank you for reading and being a part of our journey.

Here's to another decade of growth, innovation, and success! …and of course having fun along the way!

Cheers to Daley Hub and the amazing community that has made it all possible.

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