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British Made - Quality Assured

When talking manufacturing, China is always going to dominate any conversation. Over 70% of what we use is made in China and we moved much of our manufacturing there many years ago.

With its long history of manufacturing for the UK, China will focus and rely on us to grow their export. But with factory activity shrinking for the fifth straight month in February.

Intense competition from both neighbouring and emerging countries.

And the well-publicised supply chain volatility caused by issues like the blocking of the Suez Canal and attacks on containers in the Red Sea, UK manufacturing is primed to be more important than ever.

Committing to a more British focus has already allowed some companies to see models which keep them closer to their customers by bringing manufacturing home. You just need to know where to look.


A Rich History

Steam engines. The Railway. The Telegraph. The World Wide Web

Celebrated British entrepreneurs and inventors have shaped and revolutionised business and commerce with advances in transportation, communication, and technology.

A leader in maritime trade and shipping.

Ports like London, Liverpool, and Southampton are vital hubs for global trade, facilitating the movement of goods across the world.

The rich history of British impact on the world stage of business is globally recognised.

But where can we find proof that manufacturing can be a part of our future?

Examples can be found up and down the country.



Homegrown Talent


Japanese tool giant Makita has a Milton Keynes HQ, and a factory in Telford, Shropshire. where they build over 1 million tools a year.

Gtech R&D, creative design, engineering, model making teams, and customer service are all based in Gloucester. Whilst a lot of production is in China, they have moved some production back to Worcester.

Sheffield, the tool manufacturing powerhouse of the UK is home to Footprint Tools, who have a proud international reputation for quality and performance stretching back to 1760, achieved through a focus on manufacturing quality.

Over 85% of everything on their product range is made in Sheffield.

Daley Hub’s head of consumer products Karl Thomas notices the same trends throughout our production cycle.

“British-made DIY products not only offer superior performance and reliability but also serve as a model for manufacturing excellence worldwide. 

The UK's focus on advancing manufacturing standards inspires international peers, cementing its status as a leading hub for innovation and quality in the industry.”


The British focus on excellence can be seen in other branches as well. UK institution and retail giant John Lewis’s reputation goes hand in hand with quality and has won numerous awards for its distinctive omnichannel marketing strategies.


Principal consultant and Daley Hub co-founder Clive Daley saw this first-hand with his 10 years working with John Lewis at the start of his career, starting on the shop floor in Brent Cross as a management trainee through to purchasing roles in their London based head office.

“A John Lewis store visit when I was sixteen opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed. Slick professionals darted across polished floors tending to professional showcases of carefully selected product that excited customers. Attention to excellence went beyond the sparkling countertop displays, it was ingrained throughout staff training, the way they nurtured and managed the brand, and their expertise in 5-star customer service.

They may be facing retailing challenges currently, and they are not alone, but they are still a great example of British excellence.”


Best of British


It’s not just Britain’s intricate attention to quality across all channels that sets us apart. It’s our entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of what it takes to exceed standards. Navigating the subtleties of the market we operate in. And an unparalleled understanding of how to access it.

When it comes to British production, we may not be able to compete with the scale of larger countries, but two things are synonymous with our manufacturing every time.

An expectation and history of superior quality.

Daley Hub - Your strategic growth partner supporting leaders, customers, and colleagues to drive your business forward.

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