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5 Benefits of Co-Working

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

“…people who co-work demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts.”

Co-working is a growing phenomenon, that is seeing more of us working in shared and flexible office spaces, whether we are freelancers or just work-from-homers looking for a quiet desk. Statista says that 1.27 million of us were doing it in 2018, an almost exponential growth rate over just eight years. (Hyperlink to

Why is it so popular? There are lots of benefits but I have attempted to condense them into five of the most persuasive.

1. A professional environment

Having a desk away from home or away from a hectic office can really help you focus on what matters. Working in a professional environment will help create a structure and routine to your day in a way that working at the dining table in your pyjamas just can’t. If you struggle with self-discipline, knowing you have a desk in a ‘work’ environment can help you manage your working day more effectively.

2. An instant business network

Co-working gives you the opportunity to get to know a whole host of other people who can help your business (or who’s business you could help). You are likely to be sharing office space with like-minded professionals who have different and probably complementary skills. They will be able to provide not just moral support but practical support to you and your business. At Daley Hub, we also run regular training sessions for our patrons.

3. A minimal commitment

Using a co-working space often means that you won’t have to commit to a desk for the long-term, with all the overheads and utility bills that would mean. At the Daley Hub, for example, you can hire desk space by the hour if you want to. This makes co-working perfect for start-ups or for those who travel for work a lot. It really can give you the flexibility that suits your business needs.

4. A healthier work/life balance

This reflects what the Harvard Business Review described as “thriving”. Co-workers tend to avoid the loneliness that can affect self-employed and remote workers. They have a better work/life balance, because they can leave work at work (rather than in the spare bedroom). As a result, co-workers tend to have a greater sense of purpose and a sense of control over their work, so are more motivated, happier beings.

5. Grow your business faster - and more creatively

Getting out and meeting others will present you with ideas and opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise have encountered. Co-working can be a real opportunity to develop your business in a way that is responding to the people and the demand that you find. (You only have to do a quick internet search to find examples of people happy to share their successes achieved as a result of co-working).

Have I convinced you? Co-working is a pretty cost-effective activity so why not try it for yourself?

Keep an eye on our website for our open day.

Thank you for reading

Kerry Daley

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