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Clive and Kerry Daley

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Clive Daley

Virtual CEO, Business Consultant, Non-Exec

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Kerry Daley 

Challenger, Organiser

and Networker

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Having spent over 30 years in retail and supplying retail, I decided to venture out on my own.  I wanted to help others and share my knowledge of all sides of the industry and help them to be the best they can be.  Whether that be start-up, SME or National or International business.   


My unique perspective allows me to really challenge current thinking and bring about new ideas to any business.  My dealings with China, Japan, Korea, America and across Europe has given me huge insight and I love passing this information on.  


All of this allows me to spot opportunity and find creative ways to achieve more.  Whether this is empowering your team, to how your business is structured, to how, where and why it does business.


I am a natural organiser I cannot help myself but to get stuck in and organise any project, event or idea. I actually love doing it so what others see as a chore or are scared because they don't know where to my happy place. I find it very easy to do.


I am passionate about doing the right thing, cutting through the office politics and encouraging people to say what they feel without judgement to understand what needs to be done. 


I love meeting new people and am able to communicate with people from all walks of life. I have strong emotional intelligence which is drawn from over 15 years in criminal law and my time as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach.


I have a strong sense of community and team and am involved with many Community Associations, Schools, Networking Groups and Charities.


Together our combined skills support you and give you the tools to optimise your business, employee and personal relationships, and be successful.